Biogas Generator

We are known as a prominent Biogas Generator Manufacturer, Exporter, and Supplier, based in India. The Biogas Generator, we offer, is known for its efficient performance and longer working life. The Biogas Generator can be availed from us at the market leading prices. The raw material converted as fuel for bio gas power generation are cow dung, poultry litter/manure, human and animal excreta etc.

  • The raw material converted as fuel for Bio gas power generation are (cow dung, poultry litter/manure, human and animal excreta etc.)
  • Range : 3 kVa to 125 kVa
  • Runs on 100% Biogas fuel
  • Inbuilt suction technology to take care of low pressure bio gas
  • Indigenously designed engines suitable for extreme Indian weather conditions
  • Eco friendly gas generators emit zero carbon particles
  • Low maintenance cost up to 80% in comparison with diesel generator
  • Better engine life as the nature of fuel (Biogas) is cleaner than diesel
  • Four stroke engines to match best fuel economy in its class
  • Electronic pointless ignition system to give better performance and results in quick start
  • Advance sensor based governing system to give quality voltage output with minimal fluctuations
  • Exhaust heat can be synergized for further heating and drying purposes
  • Cost and environment saving
  • Easy and wide availability of spare parts even in the remote areas
  • 100% copper field alternators with brushless and AVR options
  • Fuel cost is nil as it comes from poultry litter/poultry manure / cow dung.
  • This technology helps in tapping bio methane which otherwise goes unused in the atmosphere and is a threat to the ‘global warming’.
  • The waste output (digestate liquor) from the digester is considered to be high quality manure which is usable for the organic farming/agriculture.
  • It is 100% replacement to the local Electricity bill and Diesel generators.
  • No dependency on external factors such as electricity failure/shortage in fuel (diesel), etc.
  • This decentralized mode of electricity generation helps in reducing the burden on the state power grid and also contributes in power transportation saving.
  • It is the direct saving of fossil fuels.
  • It reduces the foul smell and flies as the poultry litter directly comes in the gas tank and reduces the expenses on pesticides/pest control.
  • It has better engine life than diesel generator as the bio gas we get from poultry litter is of high quality and cleaner in nature.
  • The heat coming out from the exhaust is carbon less and is around 400-650 degree Celsius which can be easily used for indirect heating purposes. This also adds to the savings.
Comparision of 62.5 kVa Bio Gas Generator with Diesel Generator
Per hour Diesel Consumption in Ltrs. Per hour Expenses on Diesel Generators (assumed average diesel Price @ Rs. 50 per ltr.) Per hour Bio-Gas Consumption in kgs. Per hour expenses on Bio-Gas Generators in Rs. Net Saving Per day in Rs. (assumed average running 10 hrs per day)
10 10 x 50 = 500 12.5 Nil 500 x 10=5000
Comparision of 62.5 Bio Gas Generator with Local Electricity Connection
Assumed per hour electricity consumption Per hour expenses on electricity consumption (assumed average commercial electricity cost Rs. 7 per unit) Per hour Bio-Gas Consumption in kgs. Per hour expenses on Bio-Gas Generators Net Saving Per day in Rs. (assumed average running 24 hrs per day)
50 Units 50 x 7 = 350 12.5 Nil 350 x 24 = 8400
Government is funding Biogas projects on kilowatt basis including digesters plants and installation of pure Biogas Generators through KVIC and other state government agencies like for Haryana HAREDA, for Punjab PEDA etc. For more details please contact us or following Government departments :
  • Ministry of New and Renewable Energy (MNRE)
  • Khadi and Village Industries Commission (KVIC)
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