Biomass Gas Generator

We are primarily engaged in the manufacturing, exporting, and supplying of Biomass Gas Generator all across the globe. The Biomass Gas Generator runs on 100% Producer Gas or Biomass including wood and husk. Our Biomass Gas Generator is provided at the most competitive prices.

Range : 5 KVA to 125 KVA.

  • The raw material used are rice husk, wheat husk, wood bricks, wood saw and other dried agricultural waste.
  • This technology helps in tapping Biomass energy which otherwise goes unused in the atmosphere and increases global warming.
  • The final output of Biomass is an environment friendly gas as it has very low content of sulphur dioxide and nitrogen oxide with almost negligible carbon dioxide.
  • It is 100% replacement to the local Electricity bill and Diesel Generators.
  • No dependency on external factors such as electricity failure/shortage in fuel (diesel), etc.
  • This decentralized mode of electricity generation helps in reducing the burden on the state power grid and also contributes in power transportation saving.
  • The heat coming out from the exhaust is carbon less and is around 400-650 degree Celsius, which can be easily used for indirect heating purposes and can also add to the savings.
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    Biomass Generator-01

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    Biomass Generator-02