LPG Gas Generator

The LPG Gas Generator is a boom for remote areas as the LPG gas cylinders are easily available across India. We are a well-reckoned LPG Gas Generator Manufacturer, Exporter, and Supplier in India. The LPG Gas Generator, offered by us, is efficient in performance and long lasting in nature.

  • Range : 5 KVA to 62.5 KVA
  • For the higher capacity generators LPG cylinders can be interconnected /combined and can be used as a single gas bank unit for the bulk usage.
  • Indigenously designed engines suitable for extreme Indian weather conditions.
  • Eco-friendly gas generators which emit zero carbon particles.
  • Low maintenance cost up to 80% in comparison with diesel generators.
  • Better engine life as the nature of fuel is cleaner than diesel.
  • Four stroke engines to match the best fuel economy in its class.
  • Electronic pointless ignition system to give better performance and results in quick start.
  • Advance sensor based governing system to give quality voltage output with minimal fluctuations.
  • Exhaust heat can be synergized for further heating and drying purposes.
  • Cost and environment saving.
  • Easy and wide availability of spare parts even in the remote areas.
  • 100% copper field alternators with brushless and AVR options.
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  • LPG Gas Generator-01

    LPG Gas Generator-01

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    LPG Gas Generator-02